Thursday, April 14, 2005

suck my muppet juice

some people think it's cozy to wake up to birds chirping, but at 4:30 in the morning, when the birds sound like a sqeaky bed in a whorehouse, it's not so goddamn cute.

when meeting someone's wife for the first time, no matter how witty you think it might be, you shouldn't say "wow, you look a lot different with your clothes on."

when discussing recipes, it is sometimes fun to say "a friend of mine living in alaska just sent me some penguins, all dressed and ready to cook, does anyone have any good recipes for penguin?"

ok, so i am about to take part in a crime, but those i am committing the crime against forced me into it, and the more i think about it, the less i think it's really a crime.

without going into specifics, i want to buy a movie but they just don't sell the damn thing on the internet. well, via amazon, i could buy used copies from people, but not brand new ones. so a friend of mine is downloading it off the internet and will burn me a copy for my viewing pleasure. i would have gladly bought the damn thing, but they aren't selling. but it got me thinking about the whole piracy issue....

ok, i go to the store and buy a movie, everyone gets a cut somewhere along the way, all is legal. i get bored with it and decide to sell it at a garage sale, which is perfectly legal, some buy buys it from me and i buy crack with the money and smoke it all away. the movie industry doesn't get a damn cent. i buy used tapes and cds and all that, the artists dont get anything for it, yet it's legal. so someone buys a movie, then puts it on the internet and i download it for free. hell, i will paypal the guy five bucks, either way, the industry gets nothing for it. how is downloading a movie free different than buying it used off someone, when it comes to the financial concerns of the industry involved? just wondering....

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