Saturday, February 26, 2005

a room with a deja view

i put some more crappy pictures on my photobucket, click the link on the side if you wanna see.

bum: hey buddy, got some change?
me: i was going to ask you the same thing.
bum: haha, good one. do you have any change?
me: sorry, i only carry big bills.
bum: c'mon, spare some change for the holidays?
me: everyday is a holiday my good man.
bum: what's a matter, you too good to give some change?
me: look... you are a free spirit, unencumbered by the yolk of societal norms and not enslaved, like all these walking zombies, by the empty lies of the corporate juggernaughts and almighty dollor. i could not, in good conscience, take that away from you and bind your wings, enslave you, cripple you, with the filthy poison of something as innocuous as "some spare change." but hey, that restaurant across the street has a help wanted/dishwasher needed sign right there in the window....
bum: fucking asshole

i think we should go back to carrying swords. they look cool, and if everyone had one, you could challenge whoever pissed you off to a duel. chances are no one will have a concealed sword, it is possible, but really difficult to conceal a sword, so you don't have to worry about plane hijackings or bank robberies or drive by slashings. and i think people in the states would be thinner and healthier, from all the duelling. the fat ones would die off pretty quick.

gang fights and duels would be fun to watch, and you don't have to worry about some innocent bystander getting killed by a stray bullet. people are going to fight and be violent, that is just nature. might as well make it safe and entertaining for spectators.

and the comedy would be non stop. imagine you amble on down to starbucks for an orange mocha frappachino and as you try to sit down your sword is hitting everyone in a two foot radius, knocking over people's coffees, tearing thier newspapers as they read them. then you can sit down, gaze out the window and watch morons getting out of thier cars with thier swords getting tangled up and caught or see some guy with a big suv look like the true stooge that he is as he tries to get into his car and sit down with the sword getting in the way. like one big buster keaton movie.

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