Friday, February 25, 2005

profanity is the crutch of the stupid, illiterate motherfucker

"There's no difference between me and everyone else. All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day." The Joker.

that quote is so applicable right now, if it were people, that quote would be china and india combined. i will not go into details because, just like quantum physics explained in sanskrit, no one would really understand. also, just like last nights dinner, i don't feel like bringing it up.

the joker is my personal favorite super villian, and if i could be one, i would be he. so why is the joker so damn cool? is it cause of his punk rock green hair? is it cause of his purple pinstripe suit that would make prince and georgio armani jealous? is it his evil genius and horrific sense of humor? yes, to a certain extent, it's a bit of all those things. the main reason, though, is his pure insanity and hatred. ok, yes, he started out a criminal, so he loses points on that, but the fact that he was pushed over the edge and seems to realize it, the fact that he is so uninhibited, that is what is so damn appealing to me. right now, i am a green head of hair, a purple suit, a hundred points of IQ, and one more push away from becoming the joker. and so, probably, are you.

that was a bold statement. but really, the only difference between me, you, and a murderer (assuming you haven't killed anyone) is we know when to stop, pull back, and not go through with it. in NASCAR speak, we have our restrictor plates in place, they don't. there, but for the grace of god, go i.....

but the joker does not have the little voice telling him to stop. he is free to act against his [percieved] enemies in any way he chooses. he is striking back at the man without reserve. and let me say, yes virginia, there is a "the man." how frustrating it is to be impotent to defend yourself. but then i look at things from a detatched point of view, and honestly, i can see that things do not run the way we think they should, and there is a large gap between how we think things are or should be and reality. and how can reality be wrong?

if everyone is retreating, the guy who is attacking appears to be retreating, and is scorned.

so i have to accept things as they are. things could be a lot worse, and ultimately, i got what i wanted. i will end up where i want to be, but instead of taking the limo on the freshly paved road, i rode in the uncovered bed of the pickup truck with no shocks and flat tires, in the rain, along the potholed filled road, holding a large jar of sulfuric acid, without a lid, filled to overflowing, in my lap.

so the joker, he is my hero, and in a way, if i were to become a supervillian, i would emulate him. yeah, i could exact revenge, warranted or not, if i could just get past the inhibitor that reminds me "that's not cricket old chap". and what the fuck is a british guy doing in my head anyway?

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