Tuesday, February 22, 2005

holy shit

hunter s. thompson killed himself. holy shit. read about it here

i forgot and couldn't find the html to open a new window. yeah, i know it is easy like ref=new, but not sure, sorry for the inconvienience (and not knowing how to spell that word or caring enough to look it up or spellcheck).

so yesterday i went snowboarding, it was ok. didn't much feel like going, but i went and the weather was nice. it was a new place, one big bunny slope really. whatever. i was bored so i was jumping around doing 180s and i fucked up and hit hard. there was a light dusting the night prior, and ice underneath. i nearly knocked the poop out of myself, literally. my ass still hurts. yeah, you wanted to know that.

i downloaded a free home virus checker program from avast (arrghhh, avast ye, matey, i am a pirate who will board your computer and fuck shit up!!!!) and it proceeded to fuck my computer up to the point of i wanted to kill it with a hammer. i finally managed to delete a whole bunch of crap but my computer is now dicked up. just like the rest of my life. what else is new.

i gotta go get ready for work and so shit. i got more to say, i wasn't going to write, but hunter s thompson pulled a hemmingway, and i felt like writing something. yeah, it's trite and cliche and cool to talk about thompson and say he influenced you, but i actually own a few of his books and read his biography and he actually did influence me. the blog thing i wrote about driving at night with night vision goggles on was a direct result of thompson. yes, i really did that, but i wanted to capture the tone and vitality he occasionally wrote with. he was fucked up, who knows how much was lies and what may have been truth, but still, hate him or like him, he was art. real art makes you think, talk, react, and he made people think, talk and react. and now he is dead.

and NASCAR season began. kick ass.

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