Sunday, February 20, 2005

otaku represent, yo!

sunday sunday sunday.....

it's been rainy and crappy for three days now, i can't say i am liking it all that much. i can say, however, that i can bake some bread! if nothing else, i got that going for me....

tomorrow i am going snowboarding, i hope the weather is conducive to that sort of thing.

been getting into "atom and his package" a lot lately. i can't seem to get too into "velvet revolver" but i do like "jet." of course then there is GWAR and edith piaf, so there is that....

i took pictures of wonderboy's blue buddah in his house, which we call shiva buddah, that he has in his house. they are in my photobucket, if you want to see it, click the link on the side.

daytona 500 is today, the start of NASCAR season. i am a closet NASCAR fan, i admit it, i confess it. i am facinated by shiny objects, and i love to watch the pretty colored cars go around and around really fast. i have no idea why i like it, but i like it.

if you are dressed in a suit, and you ride to work on a BMX bike, and you pull a manual (wheelie without peddling), people look at you like you just peeled an orange and pulled out an apple. that said, i talked to some guy this weekend, i might be selling my bmx bike. i dont' really ride it anymore, and the bottom bracket is fucked up from dropping from various hights, and i want to pare down before i leave here. once back in the states, i dont' know if i will buy a bmx bike or not. probably not, i think i will go with the track bike. and i want to buy a digital video cam and a small lens that i can put on a helmet, and take video of me doing incredibly stupid shit and put in on the web on my very own website, where i will also sell "INSTANT JUSTICE MAN," "SUNSHINE THE HAPPY GOTH" and "AFRO-CAT" t-shirts.

speaking of quicksilver, as noted by deryke, there is a small video place nearby where i get videos now and again, and they always had quicksilver, i think i got it once but didnt' end up watching it. anyway, i decided to go check it out, and wouldn't you know is no longer there. another instance of "get it when you see it, there is no going back for it later." this lesson keeps popping up.

damn, i had all these other thoughts and crap i wanted to write about, and now i can't. yeah, i'm tired of singing that song, but right now, it's the song that seems to be stuck in my head. and that is the only thing that is stuck in my head, all my other thoughts and ideas probably felt they were wasting thier time with me and moved to someone else who will act on the ideas and make them realities.

see, that right there is a story....thoughts and ideas who want to become reality, and get into someone's head, but he is lazy so they move into someone else's head who acts on them etc etc. there is something there.

think i shall do something else now.

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