Sunday, May 01, 2005


it's sunday night, i've been really busy doing what seems to be nothing this past week, but time was definately not on my side. i finally finished
by Medlar Lucan and Durian Gray, 220 pp. if i get off my ass i should be able to get back on track for my self imposed book a week quota.

The book was pretty damn interesting, not so much a cookbook as a book full of ideas, snippets of literary allusions to cooking, and some recipes that i doubt i shall ever honestly try. i can't tell if the book is a joke or not, which to me makes it pretty damn good, even though i kind of feel stupid. the author's names are obviously fake, "durian" being a fruit (which is pretty exotic if you are a westerner and i've had the luck and pleasure to enjoy) and the name being a nod to oscar wilde...

the whole idea of decadence is appealing, and they apparently had a restaurant that was avant garde, lasting about two years or so. the book, published by
dedalus books,
also seemed to be a bit of a commercial for other dedalus books.

i liked it enough, it was interesting and did give me some decent ideas, if not make me dream of extravagant dinner parties that i would love to have. i'm glad i read it, but i would only reccommend it to someone with lots of time on thier hands who loves to read, because you only read this to read it, nothing else, if you know what i mean.


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