Saturday, April 23, 2005

i hear feet

for anyone who might not have gotten the last post, if you highlight the blank part, there are words's lame but i was bored and wanted to do something different, hope you all don't mind...

the giant wheel of time has spun around and made it monday once more, and here i sit at the keyboard at a stupid hour of the morning instead of sleeping like a normal human. i sometimes wish i had a reason to stay in bed. of course, when in bed i can't help feeling like i am missing something so i get up. i know i need to go out and run or do something, but my apathy towards it out trumps my desire.

i can't shake the vision and thougts of toilet paper tails, like after you wipe your butt and there is a pice of toilet paper stuck and hanging down like a tail. does this happen to everyone?

i think a fun thing to do would be to walk into a crowd and call out a common name like bill or jim and see if anyone turns around. then when they do act like you know him, say "hey, i thought it was you but weren't sure. how have you been, it's been forever huh?" he of course will not know you, so go on about how you knew each other in highschool. just see how far you go with it. most people think of this as harrasment, maybe a bit creepy. i see it as performance art.

i think i good story would be about a schitzophrenic couple, both the guy and the woman have multiple personalities, and they cheat on each other with each other. i kind of dig the idea, like, you could go on a double date with just two people. if you each had more than one personality, you could have an orgy without needing a large space.

i've been playing the song ziggy stardust on the guitar a lot lately. i like to do that. it's fun and makes me feel good. i just sit and play and scream out the lyrics.

i updated my links list. there is no reasoning to it, so don't take it personal if you arn't on there. you most likely will be eventually.

i'm gonna be busy this week, i might not be writing as much....hah, we'll see if that happens...


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