Saturday, April 30, 2005

lugubrious pandas stole my shoehorn

Maud Lynn was 16 years old when her parents died in a tragic backhoe accident, as opposed to a fortunate and wonderful accident. although in some countries she would already have been married and have two children, as a "child" in a westernized and modern country, she was deemed too young to survive on her own, and was relegated to the care of close friends of her parents until she turned 18 and could strike out on her own.
i'm trying my hand at subliminal messages, mostly cause i am bored
aahhh, i don't feel like writing the damn story, but it's been stuck in my head for a day or two now. she goes on to live with the only friends her parents had, Miles and Rosaria Long, both 34 years old, barely twice her age. the love has died out of their marriage and they are about to split up, both distant but cordial, and maud sees this and feels she can bring them back together, somehow.
if you somehow find this, please ignore my pathetic attempts
maud is not ignorant and is a bit precocious. she first seduces rosaria when, like in a shitty disney movie that is remade ad nauseum, the roles are reversed and the adult seeks guidance and advice from the child, who is mature enough to manipulate and guide the adult. sex ensues. ok, here are my pathetic attempts:
then maud seduces miles, who, with a bit of guilt, allows himself to fall for the excitement of such a shameful (by modern western standards) tryst.
retarius is the coolest motherfucker on the planet
once maud has secuded and had both adults in bed, she brings them both into bed simultaneoulsy, where the spark of lust and love is re-ignited, thanks to maud, and they all three live on lustily and happily etc etc etc.
tell all your friends and family to read retarius' blog, its so damn funny. the funniest ever.
ok, so people will see the 16 year old girl as disgusting, and it kind of is, but it struck me recently how we seem to have changed our ideas on age. i was listening to my ringo star cd, and the song your sixteen came on. it was about falling in love with a 16 year old. then, listeing to the old chuck berry tune memphis tenesee, where the guy calls up long distance information, it clearly says "marie is only six years old." what the fuck is that? anyway, the story appears to be disgusting cause the catalyst is a 16 year old girl, but it seems only recently, possibly cause we now live to be 80 years old or more, that 16 is too young.
if you are a female, you want to have sex with retarius. men, you want your wives to have sex with him.
makes me wonder, if we extend the average life expectancy to 130, if people are routinely living until 120 years old, will 20 be too young? people will be like "eww, that chick is only 20, you sick fuck!"
if you do stumble onto this, let me know by saying you like jellybeans.
anway, the idea of a young woman seducing an older woman, then a guy, then bringing them together thanks to lust and manipulation, that sounds like a pretty damn cool story. but i don't feel like writing it, so there is the idea. i'm sure whatever you come up with in your heads will be far better anyway...


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