Wednesday, April 27, 2005

fuck a bunch of jack london

i'm kinda busy right now, doing lots of things that keep me from doing things i want to do, and when i am done being busy doing all these things i will have nothing to show for it, whereas if i were doing the things i would want to do, i would have tangible results and evidence that i actually did something.

so i won't be writing here for the rest of the week. possibly on saturday or sunday i might write. by monday i should be writing again.

i was going to do a "clip show" just like they do on tv when they show a bunch of clips from past epidsodes loosely tied together with some lame plot. i might still do that, but it would require me to go through my blog and find what i want and link those stories, so i don't see it happening anytime soon. i was going to do a clip show and link the "SNACKTRUCK" post and the "cockring kiosk" post and the instant justice man post and the afrocat post and it would have all been linked with a story. uh oh, my short attention span is kicking in, i can feel it. i better go now.


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