Tuesday, February 15, 2005

my socks are made of meat

as if green tea kit kats weren't enough....there are also passion fruit kit kats, and let me say, they are super tasty...best thing going right now...

so today i went around and took a bunch of stupid pictures, they are in my photobucket, click the link on the side right over there if you want to see them, but i am telling you now, they are not worth the energy it takes to move your mouse and click....

what if you could get an IV or something with scented water, then when you sweat, you would smell like lavendar or rose or chocolate? if you eat a bunch of garlic, when you sweat it smells like garlic (been to korea? then you know.) well, what if you overloaded your body with something sweet so when you sweat, you smell nice?

you know what you never ever see? a cat with an afro. so, here is my three step plan to having fun and making so much money that just rose can write to all her friends from my villa in st. kitts (actually, you will all be invited, i just mentioned her cause she said something). first i shall go upon the line and do some digital shopping, getting what i need so, using the magic powers of photoshop, i can cut an afro off of one picture and place it seamlessly onto the picture of a cat, thereby creating..."afro-cat." next, i shall make a few one to three panel online comics starring afro-cat, saying witty things and such. finally, once i have a bit of a following, i shall put afro-cat on a t-shirt, with one of his cool catch phrases, like "smell my butt" or "hey, let me sit on that for you" and sell out to hot topic, who will also be carrying a line of t-shirts featuring "sunshine the happy goth." then you are all invited to party your collective asses off at my place. hopefully, some of the people at the huge non-stop party will be so drunk i will be good looking and interesting and they will let me touch them in bad ways (talking about the females here, sorry fellas). there will be a snack truck with refreshments, perhaps a dude playing bagpipes (must figure out how to hook up pick-ups to a bagpipe) and it shall be just grand.

of course, now that i said it, there will be cats with afros all over the damn interneto.

onward to mayhem

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