Sunday, February 13, 2005

the wind cries retarius

i really don't like changing guitar strings. i love the feel and sound of brand new strings, the lively and robust exuberance that emanates from them as they vibrate. but once they are more played out than the emo scene and saggier than grandma's tits, they need to go, and that is when i stop playing for a while. it doesn't take that long to change them, it isn't that difficult, it isn't taxing or tiring, it is just a nuisance.

so where am i going with this? what is my point? what witty observation will i point out?

nothing. i just hate changing guitar strings.

so i think i realize the beauty of american idol. it is reality, and teaches a beautiful lesson. as americans, we grow up with the awful lie that "you can be whatever you want if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough." it is a great motivator, and a great ideal and should teach kids to realize that if they work hard and persevere, they can often acheive thier goals. the harsh reality, that seems often overlooked, is that you cannot be whatever you want just because you want to. reality have to be realistic in your desires. just cause you *want* to be a pop idol does not mean you can.

american idol tells these morons "you suck, you won't make it" and they get all upset because their "freinds" tell them they are good. if the people were truly freinds, they would say "you need a new dream." these people get all upset and think that just because they want it really really bad, more than anything, they are entitled to make it. well, you need what those in the biz like to call...talent. i am pretty sure that simon, the guy whose job is to sell these little puppets to the masses, knows what he can sell and what he cannot, and he is looking for something specific. if you dont have it, accept it and move on, don't argue because you *want* to be a star more than anything in the world.

american idol, as inane as it might be and i am thankful i don't watch it, is a great lesson, if only the people would learn it.

but really, i hate to change guitar strings.

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