Saturday, February 12, 2005

peristaltic bum rush

mother fucker, i just wrote a bunch of crap and lost it because i think i hit the backspace button. gaahhhhhdammmit.

so it is 7 p.m. and after much sleeping and drinking cups of "tea of regeneration +2" i think i am almost back to full hitpoints from last night.

i have wondered for a while how important font is in book printing. some books seem to be printed in "read me" font, the words leap right into your brain without any effort on your part. with other books seem to be printed in "don't look at me" font, and reading each word is like skateboarding uphill on a gravelly road. this has nothing to do with content or writing, this has to do with the actual font.

so right now i am reading BLINK, the art of thinking without thinking. it is fascinating and kick ass, seems to be written in "Read me font" but also seems to possibly back up my wacky little theory. the book talks about how our minds subconciously pick up things that affect our opinions and attitudes, and ways we approach people, events, and things. so i wonder if subtle differences in font affect people's ability to take in information. not just the difference between large and smaller print, but the subtle nuances of how the letters are drawn, the curves and lines.

it shouldn't make any difference, should it? yet the font of a book seems to be part of the equation, along with storyline, content, etc, of how i take in the book. i wonder if the subtle differences of font can also control emotion, like if i wrote something in a certain font, would you feel a certain emotion regardless of content? could i write a treatise on colonial furniture in "erotica" that makes you horny when you read it? (dude! does everything have to be about sex with you? well, yes it does) could i write a cookbook in a "horror" font that makes you feel unsettled and slightly scared (i don't know why, but suddenly the thought of baked brie with carmelized onions is freaking me out)?

i know, from reading this book, that certain words can have an effect on us even though we don't percieve any change at all. so what if i could write something with words that effect your subconcious, causing certain emotions in you, and in a font that also causes certain emotions, making me able to manipulate your mood. what if some of the great writers aren't any better than others, they just use the right words and right font that leaves you feeling "addicted" or whatever. of course, using the right words is what good writing is all about, but i mean, inserting words in an otherwise crappy piece that makes you remember the book as wonderful.

anyway, time to drink more tea, read a bit more, and fall asleep early. yeah, saturday night, living la vida dull. of course, there is still a half bottle of absinthe......but i shall save that for, perhaps next weekend.

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