Sunday, February 06, 2005

pastor of muppets pulling your strings

animals aren't "things"...they are little fuzzy people that we eat.

so whenever i get bummed and feel like a total loser i just remember...there are hundreds of marriage minded russian women who want to meet *ME*. there are also hundreds of marriage minded asian chicks who want to meet me, but really that does me no good.

i was feebly attempting to make won tons/spring rolls/whatever. the first two came out nice, but by the 6th won ton, they were just retarded and fucked up little pieces of dough with crap falling out of them. the downfall of a short attention span and little talent. what i need, and what i think i can make a million bucks on by supplying, are hundreds of won ton minded old asian ladies want to help you cook. i need a bunch of old asian women who can chop carrots and cabbage without losing flesh, and stuff and make wontons that don't look like they were made at the lighthouse for the incredibly incompetant. so i tried steaming them, then i deep fried them, then i baked them. they each sucked in thier own special individual way. perhaps i should just quit trying the wontons.

so, last year i read a book called "coffee and kung fu" by some filipina chick....yes, i read chick lit if it's good, and this was good. in it she loves kung fu movies, but also she reads westerns with her grandfather and makes a comparison between westerns and kung fu movies, showing the similarity. as i have said, i am easily influenced by what i read, and it made me want to read a western, having never done so before and blew it off as a wierd genre. so, now i am reading a western for the first time and i feel kind of silly and stupid for reading it, but i am looking at it in kung fu sort of light. also, i thought, i read sci-fi, which is a wierd genre, but to me more legit, as it has hard science, soft science, and is a bit more involved. a western is just a story of a guy with a gun who shoots other guys. big deal. but, i might feel different when i am done. i will post the review shortly.

so yesterday, monday here in the japan, i went snowboarding. joe mama said he was going a few days ago, i said i would go along. we went to naeba, conditions were great, it was a bit crowded, but overall, i wasn't into it. maybe a bit burnt out (oh my god no, can it be possible?!?!?!?) or a bit tired, but i just wasn't into it. i will lay off the snowboarding for a while. sorry, not pictures. actually i stuck an icicle i got off the bottom of a car up my nose, so it looked like a huge frozen booger, the picture is ok, but no, you will not see it. just imagine my mischevious grin with a large frozen booger hanging out of my nose.

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